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Hengtai Fuel Injector Nozzle DLLA149S774

Hengtai Fuel Injector Nozzle DLLA149S774

The company has mastered the core technology and committed to precision grinding for 30 years with professional manufacturer of couples nozzles. The main products can meet emission standards of Euro III, Euro IV including the whole series fuel spray nozzles of BOSCH common rail, Denso HP, Delphi, Carter, Commins electronically controlled fuel injection system;

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1. Brief introduction of series S fuel spray nozzles couples

These products are suitable for main varieties and models of domestic and foreign diesels and widely used in diesel engine of automobiles, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, and ships and so on. The roundness of needle valve and needle valve seat is less than 0.0006mm. At present, the company has independently developed DLLA156SM420, DLLA155SN521 and more than 500 varieties. The company has a strong development capability of new products with short production cycle, which can meet the full range of client needs.

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