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NP-DLLA152PN014 Diesel Nozzle

NP-DLLA152PN014 Diesel Nozzle

We're the auto parts professional manufacturing company especially in diesel fuel injection parts such as fuel injection nozzle, element, plunger, delivery valve, head rotor, pencil nozzle, etc.  Our company HEZE HENGTAI FUEL INJECTION EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd established in 1990s, we have customers from over 20 countries and won a good reputation for our products and services.

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Heze hengtai fuel injection equipment  Co.,Ltd With the advanced equipments and long history more than 30 years,we are one of the biggest auto parts nozzle manufacturers in Shandong province.we manufacture nozzle,S SD PDN YANMAR type professionally and supply our goods to customers all over the world.we have a high reputation of many years' standing for good quality.

for more information,pls contact us.

phoebe zhou

Cell:86 530 5811907

TEL/wechat: 86 15908042532/18661578178




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