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Benefits and methods of cleaning automobile Injector nozzle

1. First, disconnect the fuel pump power supply. Some models can unplug the relay of fuel pump and start the vehicle to burn off the gasoline in the fuel oil pipeline.

2: put the goggles on before the oil pipe road, find some oil cloths to cover the joint up and down, and then disassemble the joint. Find the appropriate special joint to connect with the fuel oil rail inlet pipe. The truck with the return pipe is blocked by the return pipe or the original vehicle return pipe is connected with the inlet pipe to form a loop.

3: put the special cleaning agent for the Injector nozzle into the bottle and screw on the bottle cap. The filling pipe on the bottle is connected to the fuel rail joint.

4. Connect the bottle to the compressed air line, adjust the cleaning pressure to 2-3kgm cubed, and open the pipe line switch on the bottle. (the specific pressure is determined according to the vehicle maintenance manual)

5. Check whether there is leakage between the oil filling pipe and the return pipe, and if there is leakage, remove it in time.

6. Start the engine, and the speed is controlled between idle speed and 1800 revolutions until the product is finished. At this time, the engine will stop automatically.

7: when the engine is out, shut down. Remove tools and connectors, use existing or new gaskets, and reconnect all the piping in your car.

8: push the ignition switch to the ON position to energize the fuel pump. Check each end of tubing for leakage.

9. After cleaning, check whether the tools are complete, and keep them properly.

10. Please note that the product should be cleaned at the temperature of normal co-working temperature.

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