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Causes of the Injector nozzle being stuck and repair methods

First, the main reason for the injector to be stuck:

1 Diesel is not clean, there is impurity in the high-pressure oil pipe, force out the wear of the needle valve of the blower, so that the needle valve is not closed tightly, the high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber is reversed, and the needle valve is burned out. In addition, the dirt on the parts such as the pressure regulator spring and the tappet of the injector is moved to the upper part of the injector needle through the injector tappet, or the cotton rope and the lead wire for preventing the oil leakage from entering the spray through the high pressure oil pipe. The oil burner will cause the needle valve to be stuck.

2 The machine temperature is too high and the blower is poorly cooled, and the valve parts of the tiger-made valve are stuck. The oil supply time is too late, the cooling water channel scale is too much or blocked, the pump impeller end face is worn, the engine is overloaded for a long time, and the engine is overheated.

3 The exhaust valve is worn out, so that the oil drop occurs when the injector stops spraying, so that the blow Injector nozzle burns coke and the jam occurs.

4 The pressure of the spray is too low, causing high pressure gas in the combustion chamber;

5 When the injector is installed, the gasket or gasket is damaged, causing air leakage, causing the local temperature of the injector to be too high and being stuck.

6 reasons for the manufacture of parts, such as the injector mounting hole on the cylinder head and the injector are too tight, the gap between the needle valve body and the mounting hole on the cylinder head is too small, and the cylinder head injector mounting hole is too deep.

Second, the repair method of the injector stuck:

First, put the stuck injector into the diesel or oil to warm it, then take it out with a cloth, then clamp the needle valve with a hand pliers and slowly move it out, and take the needle valve out of the needle valve body. A small amount of cleaning oil is dripped in the needle valve body, so that the needle valve is repeatedly moved in the needle valve body until the needle valve can move freely in the needle valve body. If the sealing surface of the needle valve has burn marks, it should be ground with abrasive paste. Pay attention to the amount of abrasive paste and grinding time when grinding. Install the cleaned valve valve coupler on the injector and adjust the injection pressure to re-use.

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