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Cleaning Injector nozzle error and when to clean

The mistake about cleaning the Injector nozzle and when to clean the Injector nozzle is blocked, the oil is not free, or the gap between the Injector nozzle has carbon and glue, which cannot reach the designed amount of oil or atomization effect, so it needs to be cleaned. However, cleaning the Injector nozzle is not the more frequently the better, or how many kilometers and how long must be cleaned.

In fact I contact DianPenChe, really need to wash. One is to fuel after gasoline pump of dense mesh filter, then through fuel filter filtration, gas flow through the Injector nozzle, the size of the impurity particles compared to the clearance between the Injector nozzle is not an order of magnitude, rest assured, plugging. Another, gasoline contains glue content, through the clearance of gasoline high-speed jet, it is hard to save lives, so-called little strokes fell great oaks. What's more, the needle valve of countless times a day with the contact strength, sticking to talk here? On the other hand, most of the models use the external injection method, and the temperature is not high here, which is several times better than the working environment of the spark plug. To be honest, it is difficult to figure out a fault.

Really easy to affect the location of the atomizing Injector nozzle should be of the outer surface of the Injector nozzle. Bad burning car, easy to cause recoil, pollution this location. This is also two sides, good burning car, not recoil, burning a bad car, even clean, ran a few miles and polluted, washed also useless, cure grubbing first. For example, burn very good car, no matter when to open the spark plug, is clean; It's a bad car, even if you get a new spark plug, and you take it down in five minutes, it's black, it's all carbon.

The so-called senior agent, containing stupid or benzene are things of aromatic hydrocarbon, join the engine combustion and can dissolve some carbon deposition, the cheapest detergent is carburetor cleaner, can also be added combustion, four dollars a bottle of, of course, there are some good brands, but the price will not like the high price of hype. Normal combustion engine is actually a constantly produce carbon deposition and the ablation process of carbon deposition, is a relatively conserved process, simply does not exist carbon doesn't exist. Some friends whenever see clean carbon behind the exhaust pipe flow of blackwater, psychological feeling is very good, actually the blackwater is 90% It is the carbon deposition inside the engine. Moreover, after washing and drying, the gasoline burning will continue to produce some carbon deposition until the equilibrium state.

On the other hand benzene class aromatic hydrocarbon combustion temperature in cylinder is much higher than gasoline, nothing to wash sauna on the car is not good. So not as a last resort, don't wash it don't clean the Injector nozzle as part of routine maintenance of vehicles The cleaning Injector nozzle as part of routine maintenance of vehicles actually do so, there is no need of gasoline quality has improved than in the past now, and fuel filter have to filter out all the solid impurities, except for special reasons, Injector nozzle can work normally above 60000 kilometers without cleaning.

Too frequent cleaning spray Injector nozzle can affect the cone of a raft of damage process of accelerating it even higher fuel consumption, any corrosive cleaning agent has certain, it in the dissolved impurities, and also of the Injector nozzle needle valve and seat cause corrosion, high-tech engine now has not use single or double hole Injector nozzle, and use multiple orifice, it is conceivable that the degree of precision if the frequent use of corrosive cleaning agent, the Injector nozzle can be washed, the greater the more will not be able to accurately control the fuel injection quantity.

Another hazard of cleaning agents is that some of their components may damage catalytic converters. DianPenChe maintain focus also on the throttle, putty is much, a little better buy a bottle of carburetor cleaner, take KaiQi filter, changing the gas fire size, to spray into the pipe, such not only can clean the throttle, also can clean the air flow sensor hotline again. Don't put the throttle of avoid by all means remove the cleaning, the place and the carburetors, closing the door is a constant process of wear and tear, even if worn, both sides of the wear and tear or cooperate very closely, remove the bad will change position after installed, it will not close.

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