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How often is the Injector nozzle cleaned?

Spray Injector nozzle cleaning interval, there is no fixed answer. Injector nozzle is not vulnerable parts, idling start normal without cleaning. The Injector nozzle is a precision product with multiple points, single points, direct spraying and other types. It is generally recommended to use something similar to additives to maintain the cleaning of the Injector nozzle at ordinary times, such as disassembly and cleaning, improper operation, which will have a little impact on the assembly afterwards.

When actually maintaining, a lot of old maintenance division, can advise like this: aim at very the car owner is willing to consume again, 20 thousand kilometers clean once. For the general car owners, 30,000 km once. According to the good vehicle condition, the fuel quality can be extended to 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers and it is recommended to clean once.

The function of cleaning Injector nozzle

Injector nozzle where the environment is easy to generate carbon deposit, some carbon deposit will be adhering to the Injector nozzle head, Injector nozzle jam or Injector nozzle closure lax, sometimes affect the jet Angle, cause bad gas atomization, appears after the above situation, will affect the quality of mixture, the result is caused more carbon deposit, so that it becomes a vicious cycle. This plays a fundamental role in the power of each engine. Due to poor fuel oil, the Injector nozzle work is not good, which makes the carbon accumulation in the cylinder serious; Cylinder barrel and piston ring are accelerated worn, resulting in unstable idle speed, fuel consumption rise, weak acceleration, difficulty in starting and excessive emissions, serious will completely block the Injector nozzle, damage the engine. Therefore, regular cleaning of the Injector nozzle, long-term cleaning or frequent cleaning Injector nozzle will cause a bad impact.

How long does it take to replace?

The Injector nozzle normally does not need to be replaced, even if there is carbon plug can only be cleaned.

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