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Maintenance of Injector nozzle

When cleaning needs specific selection -- control of fuel injection quantity: for the same type of electric sprinkler, the pressure of gasoline pump is constant. No matter the opening of throttle valve, as long as the adjustment of fuel pressure regulator, the pressure of Injector nozzle is constant. The Injector nozzle is strictly matched with the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. Only with the designed pressure, the Injector nozzle can achieve the best atomization effect. The pressure is lower than the design pressure. Due to excessive pressure, the oil is cone-shaped, which is not easy to mix, and the injection force is too large. A lot of fuel is injected directly into the pipe wall, directly affecting the mixing ratio parameters.

Whether acceleration or idling, pressure should be constant. The pressure of different models is also different. (the selection of several stops of cleaning machine mentioned by friends is actually the pressure selection of different models, rather than the pressure of accelerating idling. The amount of fuel injection depends on the length of time. The fuel injector is divided into two types: voltage driven and current driven.

The voltage type can also be divided into low resistance and high resistance. The high resistance can be connected with 12V, while the low resistance can only be connected with low voltage. When the fuel is injected, the voltage provided by the computer is constant. For example, 12V will be changed to 0V when the oil is cut off. This change is instantaneous, just like the concept of 0 and 1 in computer language. In other words, it's a pulsating dc signal, not an alternating current or anything like that. What is the concept of alternating current? Alternating current is called alternating current. It seems that there is no alternating current in the car except for the former part of the generator rectifier. When the Injector nozzle is blocked, the oil is not free, or the gap between the Injector nozzle has carbon deposition and glue, which cannot reach the designed amount of oil injection or the atomizing effect, then the cleaning is required.

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