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The Injector nozzle does not clean the engine's life

The injector nozzle itself is a normally closed valve. The normally open valve is always open when there is no input control signal), which is controlled by a needle moving up and down. When the ECU gives the injection order, the voltage signal causes the current to flow through the coil inside the Injector nozzle, creating a magnetic field to pull the needle up and open the valve so that the fuel can be ejected from the orifice. The biggest advantage of fuel injection is that the control of fuel supply is very accurate, so that the engine can have the correct air fuel ratio in any state, not only keep the engine running smoothly, but also the exhaust gas can meet the environmental regulations.

As one of the key components of the electric injection engine, the performance of the Injector nozzle will seriously affect the performance of the engine. The blockage of the Injector nozzle can seriously affect the performance of the car. The blockage is caused by a carbon deposition in the engine Injector nozzle or by the impurities in the fuel. After a period of driving, certain deposits are formed in the fuel system. The formation of sediment is directly related to automobile fuel: firstly, because gasoline itself contains colloids, impurities, dust and impurities brought in during storage and transportation, etc., deposits similar to oil sludge are accumulated over time in automobile oil tanks, oil pipelines and other places.

Secondly, the unstable components in gasoline react at a certain temperature to form colloidal and resinous stickiness. These viscous substances in the Injector nozzle, the intake valve, and other parts of the burning, the sediment will become hard carbon accumulation. In addition, due to urban traffic congestion, cars are often at low speed and idle, which will aggravate the formation and accumulation of these deposits. Oil system sediment is very harmful. The sediment will clog the needle valve and valve hole of the injector Injector nozzle, affect the working performance of the precision components of the electronic injection system, and lead to the decrease of dynamic performance. The sediment will form carbon accumulation in the air inlet valve, causing it to be closed loosely, resulting in the engine idling instability, increased fuel consumption and accompanied by the deterioration of exhaust emissions. The deposits will form hard carbon accumulation in the parts such as the piston top and cylinder head. Due to the high thermal capacity of carbon accumulation and poor thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause engine shock and other failures.

It will also shorten the life of the three-way catalyst. The quality of the Injector nozzle work, each engine on the power play a fundamental role. Due to poor fuel oil, the Injector nozzle work is not good, which makes the carbon accumulation in the cylinder serious; Cylinder barrel and piston ring are accelerated worn, resulting in unstable idle speed, fuel consumption rise, weak acceleration, difficulty in starting and excessive emissions, serious will completely block the Injector nozzle, damage the engine. Therefore, regular cleaning of the Injector nozzle, long-term cleaning or frequent cleaning Injector nozzle will cause a bad impact. As to the timing of the cleaning, it depends on the vehicle condition and the quality of the fuel added, generally. Good vehicle conditions and good fuel quality can be extended to around 40,000 to 60,000 km.

When there is a slight blockage in the Injector nozzle, it has some effect on the traffic. Sometimes, there will be a trouble like this: hang on a block, get off, the car will shake a little, wait for the high grade, speed up, such phenomenon will disappear again, assuming the various sensors on the car work normally, the throttle valve has been cleaned, the circuit is normal, that is likely to be a slight blockage of the Injector nozzle. But when the high gear accelerates, it is possible that the slight gelatin is blown away (dissolved) and the car's performance is restored. This slight blockage of the Injector nozzle can generally be done without cleaning. Because the slight gelatin can be dissolved. Therefore, in the daily driving, you should run at high speed to reduce the possibility of carbon accumulation. When gasoline is of poor quality or driving cars for a longer time, if don't clean the Injector nozzle for a long time, the blocking phenomenon will be more serious, leading to poor engine fuel injection, spray Angle and atomization, the engine idle speed, acceleration, or work full load condition is bad, make engine power, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions increased, even make the engine will not work. Therefore, the Injector nozzle should be cleaned and tested regularly to ensure that it works well.

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