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What is wrong with the injector nozzle?

The car is a whole, in general, any part of the problem, may lead to the whole failure, today to tell you how to judge whether the Injector nozzle is dirty? And how to clean it.

How to tell if the Injector nozzle is dirty: symptoms

1. The engine noise is increased, especially at low gear and below 2500 revolution (the higher is not obvious, perhaps because the engine is normally noisy at high speed).

2. The throttle response is not sensitive and the acceleration is not smooth (compared with the new car), the throttle feels lag, and the increase of the quick oil tachometer pointer in neutral feels slow.

3. Small range jitter of idle speed.

4. It is easy to shake at the start and difficult to control and eliminate. There is a slight feeling of lack of cylinder in the low speed of 12 gears.

2. How to judge whether the Injector nozzle is dirty: how to clean it

1. The first choice is to use the method of "punching the bottle" for cleaning

This method is simple and easy to operate.

The cleaning process is to remove the carbon deposits in the cylinder.

On the environmental side, emissions are sure to be temporarily exceeded.

2. Wash with the disassembly and cleaning machine

The principle of cleaning is to use the pressure and circulation network of the original system of the engine.

Replace oil burning with cleaning agent to clean the carbon accumulation in the cylinder.

And then discharge it through the drain system.

The advantage of disassembly cleaning is that it is convenient and fast.

The cleaning effect of Injector nozzle is obvious.

It can eliminate engine weakness, bad acceleration and improve engine power.

Although some of the oil directly added additives to clean the Injector nozzle, the effect is not obvious, and long-term use does not know if there are side effects. In fact, if the oil is good, you can use the genuine oil.

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