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Why does the Injector nozzle clog?

The main reason is the impurity produced after combustion in the cylinder - carbon deposition.

Although the word has been used by the business, but still can not escape, after burning there must be carbon accumulation, but more and less problems, a piece of paper burned out of ash. Let's zoom in on the jet hole

When the high gear accelerates, it is possible that the slight gelatin is blown away (dissolved) and the car's performance is restored. This slight blockage of the Injector nozzle usually does not require cleaning. Because the slight gelatin can be dissolved. So often run a high speed, can reduce the formation of carbon deposition. Poor shape or driving cars for a longer time, if don't clean the Injector nozzle for a long time, the congestion phenomenon will become increasingly serious, leading to poor engine fuel injection, spray Angle and atomization, the engine idle speed, acceleration and full load condition while you work, make engine power, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions increased, even make the engine will not work.

It is recommended to clean the Injector nozzle on a regular basis, which can effectively prevent the excessive carbon accumulation of the Injector nozzle leading to blockage or poor fuel injection, resulting in insufficient power of the engine and increased fuel consumption. The Injector nozzle is recommended to be cleaned every 2 years or about 4W km.

It is important to be vigilant to find similar problems:

The car will shake, the exhaust will sound like a fart, the acceleration will be weak, fuel consumption will increase, a lot of petrol. This may result in a lack of cylinders, or a mixture of dilute air, body shake, and a drop in power.

The engine shook badly as it stopped.

Usually, the Injector nozzle will not be blocked, and the glue contained in the gasoline will not be able to be saved by the high-speed spout of gasoline when passing through the gap of the Injector nozzle needle valve, not to mention the probability of the failure of blockage due to the hard knocks of the needle valve and contact surface countless times a day. The really easy glue to affect the spray position is the outer surface of the Injector nozzle, because the combustion of the engine is not good enough to produce carbon deposition that can easily contaminate this position.

Cleaning the injector Injector nozzle is usually cleaned in the way of "punching the bottle", and the following points should be paid attention to during cleaning:

1. Please clean the engine room carefully before construction, especially around the vacuum tube of intake manifold.

2. The oil pressure in the fuel pipeline must be removed before construction.

3. After construction, check the oil leakage between the engine fuel pipe and the common rail of the engine carefully. Ensure fuel oil does not leak.

4. After construction, check the engine working condition, whether there is abnormal sound, and whether there is a fault light on the instrument panel. The cause of the failure should be carefully checked if it exists.

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