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Why is the Injector nozzle always broken and how to replace it?

At work, often listen to friends of Z010 and Z030 alarm code, the occurrence of both of these codes are related to the Injector nozzle fault.

It is a simple solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is energized, suction is generated. The needle valve is sucked up and the spray hole is opened. The quality of the Injector nozzle work, each engine on the power play a fundamental role.

If the fuel is not good, the Injector nozzle will not work well, and the cylinder carbon accumulation is serious; Cylinder barrel and piston ring are accelerated worn, resulting in unstable idle speed, fuel consumption rise, weak acceleration, start-up difficulties and excessive emissions, serious will completely block the Injector nozzle, damage the engine.

Usually, there is Z010 and Z030 alarm when the Injector nozzle fails


Z010 is the alarm of abnormal oil discharge pressure of the oil Injector nozzle. The main reason is that water and impurities in the diesel oil have some wear on the oil Injector nozzle, which leads to a short time of pressure release of the oil Injector nozzle after the shutdown, which does not affect normal operation. Therefore, it is recommended to discharge water and use quality fuel for diesel oil frequently to avoid increased wear on the oil Injector nozzle. If the alarm is still after cleaning, it may be bad for the Injector nozzle, it is suggested to replace it. Z030

Z030 is the continuous alarm of fuel injector, and the injector needs to be replaced.

Replacement method of injector

Remove the fuel injection device

1. Loosen the retaining bolt and remove the steel plate and fuel injection pipe oil seal.

2. Release the Injector nozzle holder and remove the fuel injection device.

Install fuel injection equipment

1. Install the new o-ring in the groove of the cylinder cover, and then insert the fuel injection device.

Note: apply oil to the o-ring and make sure the o-ring is not bitten.

2. Install the choke holder and install the fuel injection device temporarily.

Note: do not fasten the Injector nozzle holder.

3. Put the oil seal of the new fuel injection pipe on the fuel injection device, and then install the steel plate.

Note: do not use too much force when installing the fuel injection pipe oil seal on the Injector nozzle. If the oil seal and the Injector nozzle are misaligned, it may cause oil leakage or improper assembly of the fuel injection pipe.

4. Install the fuel injection pipe temporarily, and then tighten the fixed bolts of the Injector nozzle clamp. Fastening torque: 25n.m.

5. Write the modified fuel injection device into the engine ECU.

Cannot pull the injector out of the cylinder head

Please work in the following ways

Turn the injector (initially right) with a screwdriver and pull it out by hand.

Cannot pull the injector out by hand

Pull out the injector by the following method

After pulling out the injector, wrap cotton cloth around the screwdriver to clean the inside of the sleeve. Be careful not to hurt the sleeve.

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