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Why is the Injector nozzle always broken? You must have overlooked the question!

Listen to a lot of friends to say that the injector that dig machine is often bad, this and look for the maintenance on the market to check the Injector nozzle to use, or use inferior injector very have a relation.

The quality of the Injector nozzle work, each engine on the power play a fundamental role. If the Injector nozzle is not working well, serious carbon accumulation in the cylinder; Cylinder barrel and piston ring are accelerated worn, resulting in unstable idle speed, fuel consumption rise, weak acceleration, start-up difficulties and excessive emissions, serious will completely block the Injector nozzle, damage the engine.

If the Injector nozzle is worn and must be replaced, it is recommended to use the original quality Injector nozzle. Do not use the calibrated Injector nozzle in the market.

How to initialize the computer after replacing the Injector nozzle

Some cars in the replacement of the Injector nozzle, because the original car computer system does not recognize the phenomenon of exclusion, the computer needs to be initialized. Computer initialization is really simple. One way is to use a dedicated computer. One is manual initialization. The main method of manual initialization is as follows:

Turn off the key.

Remove the anode of the battery.

3. Pack the battery cathode after 3 minutes.

4. Open the key switch to the second file, and all lights on the instrument panel are on. Don't take a taxi.

5. Turn off the key after 20 seconds and pull it out. Don't start the car immediately.

6. Start the car after 20 seconds.

7. Initialization is completed. If not, repeat the steps again.

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