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How Does The Diesel Injector Nozzle Work?

When using our products, you may not know the basic principle of the Diesel Injector nozzle. Today, we will introduce the basic principles of the Diesel Injector nozzle. I hope it will be more helpful for you when you use it.

The Diesel Injector nozzle needle valve is closed and held by the spring before the pump begins to supply the oil. Began its oil pump stroke fuel injection pump, high pressure diesel through into the tubing connector into the Diesel Injector nozzle assembly, after a Diesel Injector nozzle body oil duct into the needle valve pressure cone cavity around the oil, when diesel pressure to set pressure, oil pressure effect on the needle valve pressure cone upward thrust will make needle valve opening, diesel from under the needle valve called the oil sac, a small oil cavity reach the Diesel Injector nozzle, and from the oil mist jet Diesel Injector nozzle to finely. When the pump oil pressure drops, the needle valve spring lands the needle valve on the seat, and the injection process ends.

So that's the basic principle of the Diesel Injector nozzle.

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