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How To Distinguish Between Gear Head Rotor And High Temperature Head Rotor

According to different media to choose different head rotors, we must first know the difference between high temperature head rotor and gear head rotor! The correct fit has been achieved and the life of the pump has been extended. For example, the medium to be used is in a liquid form, the temperature is not higher than 80 ° C to 120 ° C, and the viscosity is not higher than 1500 cst of a lubricant-like liquid. Moreover, the pipe is too long or has many elbows. In this case, the gear head rotor must be selected, because the material processing form and accessories selected by the gear head rotor in the manufacturing process can meet the deficiencies under high pressure, and the main gear and the The gap between the gears is small and the structure is compact, and the supercharging effect has been achieved. What is high pressure means that the medium is at a normal temperature and is in a liquid state, and pressure is required to complete the work.

High temperature head rotor

The medium temperature is high and 150 ° C or more -250 ° C or less. The material of the material should be extra high temperature resistant and not easy to deform. The wear resistance of the main gear and the original gear surface must be above HRC60. During the manufacturing process, the gap between the main gears and the gears should be increased by about 0.05 compared with the high-pressure gear head rotors to prevent the occurrence of explosion at high temperatures.

The difference between the two is mainly related to pressure, temperature, and presence or absence of impurities.

The former gear head rotor has high pressure and long service life, and the maximum pressure can be 25 kg. However, the disadvantage is that the temperature is low and the medium to be printed cannot have impurities.

The latter high-temperature head rotor can hit high temperature medium, and can be used with impurity medium, but the disadvantage pressure is lower than the former, and the pressure can be up to 16 kg.

Therefore, users must pay attention to these items when selecting the model. First, find out what kind of pump should be used for high pressure or high temperature, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. At the same time, selecting the right line is an important link for the service life. ! 

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