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Test Procedures For Conventional Diesel Injector Nozzle

The diesel injection system is the heart of diesel engines. Low speed, medium speed and high speed diesel engines use high pressure to inject the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the right Angle before the top stop, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine and reduce the exhaust emissions. Modern fuel injection systems can be divided into CAM - driven systems and hydraulic (or electric/hydraulic) - driven systems. The CAM drive system can be divided into the traditional injector Diesel Injector nozzle - high-pressure tubing - injector form and injection pressure produced in the pump - injector assembly inserted into the cylinder head, and the pump Diesel Injector nozzle without high-pressure tubing (can be divided into single plunger and double floating plunger type) form. And the traditional pump - tube - Diesel Injector nozzle form can be divided into direct pump, single pump, distribution pump (can be divided into axial plunger and radial plunger type). Hydraulic (or electric/hydraulic) drive system is the common rail system, which can be divided into the high pressure (accumulation pressure) common rail system without hydraulic amplification and the pressurized common rail system with hydraulic amplification.

Test procedures for conventional Diesel Injector nozzle:

(1) opening pressure of Diesel Injector nozzle

(2) Diesel Injector nozzle spray form

The noise of the spout vibrates

(4) dripping from Diesel Injector nozzle

(5) diesel oil leakage from fuel injection Diesel Injector nozzle

The following situations generally indicate problems with the Diesel Injector nozzle:

(1) black smoke in diesel exhaust

(2) diesel engine performance variation and power deficiency

(3) difficulty in starting diesel engine

(4) engine idling rough and misfire

(5) diesel fuel consumption increases

(6) diesel engine combustion knock cylinder

(7) diesel engine overheating

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