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The Injector Nozzle Itself Is A Normally Closed Valve

Now the fuel Injector nozzle used by the car is actually a simple solenoid valve. When the electromagnetic coil is energized, suction is generated, and the needle valve is sucked up, opening the spray hole. Fuel is discharged at high speed through the annular gap between the pin needle on the head of the needle valve and the spray hole, forming a mist shape, which is conducive to full combustion. The fuel Injector nozzles used in diesel engines were mechanically controlled, while the mechanical diesel nozzles were operated by controlling precision components (needle valves, needle valve bodies). The nozzle coupling is one of the three precision components of the traditional diesel engine, three precision components: plunger, plunger sleeve, needle valve, needle valve body, oil outlet valve, oil outlet seat. The nozzle of a petrol engine is a part of the electronic control system of the petrol engine. The nozzles used for cars mainly include: diesel nozzles, gasoline nozzles, natural gas nozzles, etc. Now some foreign manufacturers can make special nozzles for hydrogen.

The injector nozzle itself is a normally closed valve. The normally open valve is always open when there is no input control signal), which is controlled by a needle moving up and down. When the ECU gives the injection order, the voltage signal causes the current to flow through the coil inside the nozzle, creating a magnetic field to pull the needle up and open the valve so that the fuel can be ejected from the orifice. The biggest advantage of fuel injection is that the control of fuel supply is very accurate, so that the engine can have the correct air fuel ratio in any state, not only keep the engine running smoothly, but also the exhaust gas can meet the environmental regulations.

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