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Troubleshooting Method For Fuel Injector Nozzle

Nozzle clogging

Can be dredged, dredged after careful cleaning. Needle valve body large plane and injector body plane bad contact, or needle valve cylinder wear. injector nozzle If the large plane of the needle valve body is not in good contact with the main plane of the nozzle, chromium oxide can be applied to the plate for "8" grinding. If needle valve cylinder wear is large, should pair replace needle valve accessories.


Poor sealing of needle valve and needle valve body, resulting in poor atomization of injector nozzle or drip oil.

This failure can be achieved by applying thin chrome oxide or toothpaste to the sealing strip at the end of the needle valve, injector nozzle but do not apply to the cylinder, and insert the needle valve into the needle valve body, tapping and rotating until it is close. Chromium oxide or toothpaste must be washed after grinding.

There is air

There is air in the oil path. Simply remove the air from the oil path.

Drainage not free

The oil pump needs to be overhauled. If the oil pipe connection is leaking, try to connect it properly so that it does not leak.

Lack of elasticity

Insufficient spring force or spring break of the piston spring. Springs should be replaced.

The piston wear

Piston wear affects oil supply. The piston needs to be replaced.

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